Ute Trays and Tool Boxes

Published: 05th September 2011
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Ute trays and tool boxes are very much helpful in creating spare room in utility vehicles. There are several Ute accessories for sale which can be built in any part of the vehicle without distorting its main utility or system. You can place surplus equipment and first aid unit in the more space made by these accessories. Wherever there is an unused space in your automobile, these accessories can be installed there and form added cargo space. They are trim and you can pick out them in colors and designs which will match your motor vehicle, due to which it won’t be identified that you have installed some accessories for cargo.

The things utilized for building these accessories is galvanized and have powder coat finish. Sliding trays are also on the market which can be set up in the space between the tray floor and the chassis runners. With an intention of keeping them undisturbed and safe from shocks, these accessories are provided with tie down points and also rubber mats.

There are plentiful choices available for you in Ute trays and also tool boxes. For everyday use, you can have steel trays. They are modular, efficacious, mild steel trays designed for everyday functioning. So also you can choose hardwearing aluminium trays, the outline of which is welded and galvanized, to provide endurance. These trays are light-weight and their form is fine.

If you require, you can also choose a canopy-tray combination. Trays transport massive loads, however if the goods are of a sort that can be affected by atmospheric factors, they need to be roofed. In such situations a canopy-tray combination is good. These canopies too are exceptionally high-quality and efficient. They are made to fit all types of vehicle. With these canopies over the Ute trays you can be free of worry that your cargo is transported securely over far-flung distances.

In tool boxes also you avail of a wide diversity of sizes and shapes. They are extremely of use to keep lots of things in a appropriately safe place, because they are totally sealed and are endowed with a lock. They can be incorporated under the body of the utility vehicle or under a tray or above a tray. Even sliding tool boxes are on sale which can be very handily fixed below the tray floor between the chassis runners. You can buy them in aluminium or stainless steel; both of them are equal in sturdiness. And also, they are as fine as custom-made. Normally, their length ranges from 1180 mm to 2100 mm, so that it suits any make of motor vehicle.

In addition to Ute trays and tool boxes, you have a wide range of Ute accessories which do several kind of jobs, such as, creating additional luggage space, giving safety to windows and tail lights, making room for surplus wheel, etc. Dispensable ladder racks, over-cabin expansions, stainless steel pipes, tipping kits, drop-side kits of steel and aluminium, tail lights and their surrounding coverings, different color shades for the accessories, oxy/acetylene brackets, tie down points, rubber floor mats and roof tracks too are available to modify your utility vehicle into a versatile carrier.

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